Do I wash with the bag or is it just for storing my soap? 

The idea is to wash with the bag, containing the soap, so that the cotton acts as a gentle exfoliant. The bag helps the soap froth up more quickly too, as well as making it less slippery to hold.

How do I keep my soap from going soggy in the bag? 

When you finish washing with your baggy soap, it is a good idea to hang the bag up straight away so it can drip dry. We also find it can help to reshape your bag so it isn't scrunched up or clinging to the soap. This allows the cotton and the soap to dry more easily.

What do I do when the soap is finished? 

You can pop a new soap inside the bag straight away, or give your bag a rinse before re-filling it. It's up to you! Once your soap is very small, you might wish to add a new one to it (making a soap cocktail if you add a different fragrance!). However this isn't necessary as the beauty of Baggy Soap is that it enables you to continue using soap right up until the end - and possibly even after the soap has finished as there may be residue soap in the cotton that will still froth up. This reduces waste!

Can I put my bag in the washing machine? 

You can. We have tested our bags on a standard 30 degree wash, using eco-friendly washing liquid, and they come out fine. You may notice a slight amount of shrinkage in the bag itself, but this is to be expected and it soon stretches back to its original size. However, be sure to remove your soap from the bag before putting it in the washing machine, otherwise you may find you need another rinse at the end of the cycle to get rid of all the extra soap suds!