Why soap?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest handmade soaps for our customers. We work with local companies using the highest quality ingredients, to give the best possible washing experience.

Here's why we believe soap is superior to shower gel:

  • Natural soaps contain no harsh chemicals, which can dry out your skin
  • Soap lasts longer, so costs less to the environment and your pocket
  • Less waste; our soaps come with no plastic packaging
  • No need to worry about liquid allowances in hand luggage when flying
  • No need to worry about spillages in your wash bag when travelling
  • Takes less space to store soap than bottles of shower gel
  • The soap is self cleaning


Why a bag?

Using soap in a bag is a whole different washing experience to using soap without a bag. We think that you will agree once you give it a try!

Here are a few reasons why to get you started:

  • The bag stops the soap getting slippery and slipping out of your hand
  • The bag makes the soap froth up nicely
  • The bag acts like a mild exfoliant, so removes the need to use a shower puff (which is often made of plastic)
  • When your soap is getting a little too small to handle comfortably, you can simply pop another soap in the bag alongside the original sliver. This saves on wasting soap and also means you can create your own soap cocktails by mixing different scents!
  • The bag allows you to hang your soap up, removing the need for a soap dish (and stopping the soap going mushy in the dish)
  • At the end of its life, the bag is fully compostable, unlike plastic shower gel bottles or shower puffs